Serena Malacco

Serena Malacco was born in Milan where she studied dance with Prisca Picano, Salvatore Tarascio, Ariella Vidach and Rosita Mariani. In 2012 she graduated in Modern Literature from the Catholic University of Milan with the graduation thesis The “wild value” of beauty: the poetics of the defect in Jean Dubuffet and Pina Bausch.
In 2013 she moved to Brussels to continue her dance training with teachers such as Martin Kilvady, Marta Coronado, Douglas Becker, Benjamin Boar, Jorge Jaurequi and Hayo David.
From 2014 to 2016 she danced for Ariella Vidach, Salva Sanchis, Fabio Liberti, Luca Silvestrini, Virgilio Sieni, Helen Cerina, Sabrina Mazzuoli, Danila Gambettola and Gabriele Valerio in festivals such as Bolzano Danza, Biennale Danza di Venezia, Oriente Occidente, NAO Performing Festival and Uovo Festival.
In 2017 she continued her work as a performer at Teatro Regio in Turin and at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. In the same year she directed and choreographed Ogni volta che mi viene in mente at Teatro Nuovo in Ferrara.
In 2018 she moved to Paris where she currently works with Cie Les Gens d’Uterpan, Cie Dehors/Audela, Cindy Van Acker and Romeo Castellucci.
Currently she combines her work as a performer with that as a choreographer. Her piece All Around Me is supported, among others, by Anghiari Dance Hub, Teatro Cantiere Florida and Versilia Danza.

Luis-Clément da Costa

Dancer and freelance choreographer, Louis-Clément has worked with Opera Ballet in Lyon, Alain Platel, les Ballets C. de la B., Cie Gilles Jobin, Peeping tom and Charleroi Danse (Pierre Droulers).
He created Play at Théâtre de L’Usine with Speedbattles Collective, and also Les Speedbattles and the dance prozine The Dancing Plague. In 2015 he joined the Requin-Baleine team and decided to explore choreographic and visual research underwater. Recently he danced in MONUMENT 0.4 LORES & PRAXES (a ritual of transformation) and in MONUMENT 0.6: LANDING (a ritual of empathy) by Eszter Salamon. With POL he created Axis Mundi at Théâtre du Galpon for Antigel Festival in February 2016. With Anthony Teston, physicist and poet, he took part in How do we save the time at Timelab in Ghent. He conceived an installation with a soundtrack for Le seuil des chutes exposition at Contemporary Art Centre in Lacoux. In June 2017 he was invited to create Tzikong with Chu Pak Hima at Hong-Kong Art Centre in partnership with Les Halles de Schaerbeek.
He assisted Franck Chartier (Peeping Tom) during the creation The lost room and The hidden floor for Nederlands Dans Theatre 1 and took part in a Baloji’s movie. Louis-Clément is creating a new pièce: Volutes, the first part of a trilogy based on beauty, violence and love.

Stefano Beltrame

Stefano Beltrame was born in Savona in 1997.
He has been living in Milan since 2012, where he studied hip-hop, house, and most of all, breakdance.
He has performed for the Verona Arena in “La Grande Bellezza“, in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, for the National Theatre of Monaco, and in Arena Fregrea Napoli hosted by Roberto Bolle.
In 2017 he joined the Bandits Crew, one of the oldest break dancing crews in Italy, with whom he has travelled throughout Europe, competing in battles.
In 2019 he won the prestigious breakdancing championship, the Red Bull BC One Italy.
In November 2019 he will represent Italy at the World Final of the Red Bull BC One in Mumbai, India.

Ana Luisa Novais

Ana Luisa Novais was born in Lisbon where she trained as a dancer at the National Conservatory Dance School.
After attending the Setúbal Contemporary Dance School, in 2012 Ana danced for the Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company (CPBC)in Lisbon.
In 2016 she graduated from the Superior School of Dance in Lisbon and obtained her bachelor’s degree at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien in Austria, as an Erasmus student.
Between 2016 and 2017 she further developed her dance education at the Art Factory International – Dance Start Up VII- in Bologna, under the artistic direction of Brigel Gjoka.
Between 2017 and 2018 she worked as a dancer and artistic assistant at CSC – Centro per la Scena Contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa (Italy), joined the Dance Makers Collective and danced at Teatro Regio in Turin.
She currently works as a freelance dancer on different artistic projects.

Alice Raffaelli

Alice Raffaelli, originally from Rovereto, moved to Milan in 2010 to attend the Scuola Civica Paolo Grassi. During her dance studies she met such choreographers as Cesc Gelabert, Catherine Diverres, Enzo Cosimi and Luca Veggetti.
She has also studied with Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni, Anton Lachky, Renate Graziadei, David Miko and Eduardo Torroja.
In 2010 she joined the Enzo Cosimi Company and also worked with Cristina Rizzo, Luca Veggetti, Francesco Marilungo and Irene Russolillo.
Since 2015 she has been a collaborator with the theatre company The Baby Walk.
In 2018 she was shortlisted for the Ubu prize in Italy as best performer under 35.
Currently she works as a freelance dancer and actress for various companies.

Roberto Dellera

Roberto Dell’Era began his career as a musician while living in England between 1999 and 2006. While in Birmingham, he founded the group Love Trip, which for three months was voted the best newcomers in England from the British Telecom portal. In 2002, with Solar Flares, he was chosen by BBC One for a live concert programme. In 2004 he toured the United States with Phoney as their bass player.
In 2005 he returned to Italy to work with Diego Mancino on the album Cose che cambiano tutto (Sony Music).
In 2006 he joined Afterhours as a bass player.
In 2007 he released the single Ami lei o ami me and he participated as a writer and musician on Lombroso’s album Credi di conoscermi. In 2008 he collaborated with Calibro 35 to revisit Ornella Vanoni’s L’Appuntamento (1970). The same year, he also collaborated with Dente, playing on the EP Le cose che contano.
In 2009 he competed in the Sanremo Festival with Afterhours, winning the “Mia Martini” Critics Award with the song Il Paese è reale.
In 2011 he released his first solo album, entitled Colonna sonora originale (MArteLabel). The album is a mixture of English and Italian experiences, reflecting Dellera’s career. In 2012 Colonna sonora originale was a finalist in the “Best First Feature” category of the year’s Targa Tenco awards. He was then chosen as artistic director for the traveling programme Jack On Tour, broadcast by Deejay TV.
In 2013 he took part in Sziget Festival. In 2015 he released his second solo album, Stare bene è pericoloso, with the participation of, amongst others, Nic Cester. In 2016 he founded The Winstons. In 2019 he joined the Superband on the DopoFestival TV show. Dellera, again alongside Rocco Papaleo of DopoFestival, will begin another TV programme in the autumn of 2019.

Milo Scaglioni

Milo Scaglioni has been called a psychedelic bard by the press.
He started playing the bass guitar while attending high school. At the age of 19 he left Italy and moved to Manchester where he enroled at the Metropolitan University to study History of film, Photography and Graphic Media. While at University he explored and became part of the vibrant local music scene. In 2006 he joined the touring band of Jim Noir during the promotion of the album “Tower of Love”. During 2006 he played extensively in England , Ireland besides playing four shows during the South by South West in Austin Texas and a live tv session on French national TV channel canal +.
The following year he co-founded the band The Beep Seals, who published the album “Things that Roar” (Heron) in 2008.
At the end of 2008 he moved back to Italy and started playing bass in Roberto Dell’Era’s project.
In 2016 he publishes his first record, “A Simple Present” (Akoustik Anarkhy/Crythmo), in which he played the guitar and the bass and sang . The album was recorded with the help of several musicians, and friends including Roberto Dell’era and Enrico Gabrielli.
He is currently recoding new Material.
In 2019 he has joined All Around Me.